The Girl Blood Grows

March 24, 2017

It's difficult to sustain a marriage with a daughter who never sleeps, a mangled penis, and a babysitter who kills herself on the day you need her most. But sometimes you still need to get away.


Punch the Mouths for Missus Rage

March 10, 2017

When Missus Rage gets her fingers in you, you got to hit all the mouths and make them small, make yourself big. But at what cost?


Ejaculate Death Disease

March 3, 2017

Sometimes your lover is a bat. Sometimes your lover passes on a diease to kill you. Sometimes that disease makes you an unstoppable sex machine. Enjoy.


Mover Men Molest the TV to Suicide

February 24, 2017

To have another man move what's yours is to admit that you're no kind of man at all. After being groped and fondled by these rugged hangs, how could your furniture ever be expected to look at you the same way again?


The Dog Who Shot the Wife

February 17, 2017

Never trust a dog with a rifle. Sometimes dogs don't obey their masters. Sometimes they kill. So, keep an eye on your dog while listening to this.


Papa Mean and the Devil’s Prick

February 10, 2017

This is the tale of a boy, a thumbtack, and the madness of smoking the devil's prick. Enjoy.


Crazy Girl Cat Burger

February 3, 2017

Everyone's had a crazy girlfriend when Old Man Evil got his finger in his ear and gave her a pack of cats to spy on you with. Grab a bag of snakes, kick back, and enjoy.


Episode Five - Please Her Until She Bleeds

November 11, 2016

I once made a woman feel good by having sex with her. It was the stuff of legends.


Episode Four - The Ballad of Mucus Joe

October 21, 2016

Sometimes, when your stink can make others vomit, when you're afraid of being beaten half to death with heroine needles, when your throat is clogged with gunk so tight you can hardly breathe, something beautiful can happen to make you rich and famous.

This is a story of inspiration.

Episode Three - Sometimes Your Lover Leaves You for a Spider

September 19, 2016

People always destroy you and leave you behind, but sometimes what they leave you for is a spider.